Interview with fashion photographer and lifestyle blogger – Sarah Thomas – Floral Mountains

What is your job title?

I’m a barista and creative team member at a local Coffee roaster and tasting room in Springfield, Missouri! And my husband and I have a photography business together!

What kind of blogger would you call yourself?

I am in such a stage of growth as a creative individual, my blog (and myself) is in a huge transition, so I like to keep my blog relatively translucent and avoid harsh categorization. If I had to label myself as a blogger, though, I would probably say  photography/lifestyle’ blog.

What is the best thing about working in blogging?

The community, meeting and making amazing friends & getting to collaborate with incredible artists. 

Has the world of blogging allowed you to travel more or do you travel more to be a blogger? 

I think that my travel time has come from individual ambitions & working as a photographer. I love blogging about it along the way, though!

Your husband is featured on the blog is he the man behind the lens?

My husband is an amazing photographer! Most of the photos taken of me are by him. Sometimes I’ll post photos of our recent work, in which case, the photos are some of what he’s taken as well! 

How does he feel about blogging?

Nathan is a man of few public words. He loves that I blog but he primarily shares his work portfolio style. We’re teaming up this year on our business journal, so we’ll be adding just a bit more wordage to that!

What advice would you give to existing bloggers/people wanting to start blogging?

Do it because you want to and don’t force it, post about what you love & be honest. Let it transform organically. 

How has working in fashion blogging changed the way you dress?

It’s made me more aware of up and coming trends! Right now I’m loving that New York Fashion!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would describe my personal style as natural and comfortable. I enjoy having a twist of western/sixties girl but I always want to feel comfortable in what I wear and that it truly reflects me.

So far what has been your favourite blog post? please say the wedding :) 

(hehe) of course I LOVED sharing that special part of Nate & I’s life! But my personal favorite blog post was probably when I featured the Original artist Katy Smail!

What are your top online blogs?

eeesh! That’s a hard one.. Right now? Miss Moss, Lingered Upon, Dart Photography, & Deer Circus!

Top menswear designers/stores?

Carhartt’s Work In Progress, Vintage Calvin Klein, Baldwin, & John Elliot.

Top womens designers/stores?

Madewell, Hackwith Design House, Ouur, The Row.

When I’m in my hometown I love hanging out at…

(Ew! Another hard one!) my favourite actual hang out spot is probably Kingdom Coffee & bicycles or my apartment!

What’s your favorite fashion city?

New York, definitely. So much variety!

On my iPod right now is…

I believe I’ve been playing Metronomy, as of late.

In five years I’d like to…

Be loving where I’m at and who I’m with.

Finally whats in store for Sarah and her style in 2015…

Mmmm, so much progression! I’m thinking mostly neutrals & integrating a more sporty style! Skinny sweats with Chelsea boots & nike’s with skinny jeans! Whhhaaa!!?? Yes. classy meets, on the go, with a hint on vintage flare. Let’s do this 2015!

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New Jewellery Blog – Tom Wood

TOM WOOD my new favourite Norwegian jewellery designer and shop. The blog has lots of style and jewellery inspiration. The products are mainly aimed at a female audience with a few PR campaigns featuring men however I think guys can definitely rock these pieces.

100% NEW LOVE!

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New Womenswear Blog – The Shiny Squirrel

THE SHINY SQUIRREL is a very basic blog, easy to use, with a good choice of inspirational photography. Main topics include fashion, street style, product detail and art.

Below are a few of my favourite images from the blog.

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New Womenswear Blog – A Minute Away From Snowing

A Minute Away From Snowing is a lifestyle, fashion and travel blog by Michelle Lau. Based in Perth, Michelle is a published writer and a contributor.

All Images: A Minute Away From Snowing

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Mens Style Inspiration From Pinterest This Week.


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New Womenswear Tumblr – Man Boss


Note to self – Need to bookmark this blog

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My Pinterest Pics Of The Week

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New Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger – Wilderness


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This Really Will Effect Your Life In Some Way – Just A Very Cool Blog

This is probably one of the most beautiful blogs I have come across since I started my fashion blog research many years ago.

FLORAL MOUNTAINS is by a lady called Sarah Thomas she documents her life to put it simply. Her photography is some of the best I have ever seen a blogger produce themselves and her lifestyle is everything I aspire too.

She is from the Midwest and has recently just got married.

Marriage photos for me are never really that inspiring because they are personal to the people getting married however these are the most stunning and moving wedding photographs I have ever come across.

What’s even more lovely the dress Sarah is wearing I was only showing my mother the other week that would be the kind of dress and wedding theme which would be perfection to me.

Her husband is also a photographer and they travel the world together documenting their adventures.

It really is just gorgeous. Talk about life motivation!

This isn’t just a blog for the ladies, men, photographers, stylists, food lovers, travellers and anyone with a love for life should bookmark this blog.

Read it everyday to give you that kick up the bum we all need every now and then!

IMAGE SOURCE: Floral Mountains

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New Pins This Week…..

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