Interview with the twins from Twice Blessed Bloggers

The Olsen Twins, Dean and Dan Caten and now Bec and Marrissa. The world has some very talented twins within the fashion industry and I was lucky enough to catch up with the girls who own and write TWICEBLESSEDBLOGGERS blog this weekend to find out what it’s like being a twin in a very self expressive and unique business and their opinion on blogging life.

What are your job titles?

Bec – Creative Director/Communications Manager

Marissa - Creative Director/Operations & Communications Manager

How did the two of you start blogging together and how did the idea come about?

Bec- We’ve always been very close in our relationships and fashion sense. Fashion was just an outward extension of our personalities and it was only fitting to start blogging together too.

Marissa – Being identical twins the idea of doing something together came quite naturally. It was actually our dad who suggested us doing something about our “fashion sense”, so we really developed the idea from there.

Does this mean you do everything together?

Bec- More or less. We’re very similar in our personalities likes, dislikes and our personal aesthetic. Now that Marissa is in London, we have to deal with the fact that we can’t do everything together forever.

Marissa- In theory, yes. We studied the same degree together, worked in the same retail stores (purely by coincidence) and really are best friends. However now that I’m in London we’re finally apart. It definitely has been a challenging experience so far not having Bec by my side!

What are your roles within the team? Who is responsible for what?

Bec- My role is purely communications and everything social media. I run our Instagram account @twiceblessed_ and manage the majority of our email communications.

Marissa- It has recently changed now that I’m living in the UK. When we were together I would manage stock inventory and organised photoshoots as well as run our website ( However now I am also involved with networking and communications with all UK press and brand enquiries.

What is the best thing about working in fashion?

Bec- Being apart of one of the best industries in the world. Fashion can take you anywhere and everywhere.

Marissa- Being involved in something that is always changing, growing and re-inventing itself is very interesting. I love being able to see what new collections brands bring out, their choice of patterns, colours and materials. It’s very exciting.

Has the fashion world been close to what you expected or has it turned out to be a lot more different?

Bec- It’s actually not as cut-throat as I first thought. Obviously you get people and bloggers who want to be the best of the best and will compete but the rest of us are fairly down-to-earth and humble.

Marissa- For me, it’s pretty similar to what I had imagined. I never thought it would be like ‘The Devil wears Prada’, but am fully aware that when Fashion Week or any other important event rolls up it is crazy busy.

What’s your favorite thing so far about blogging?

Bec- Like Marissa it’s the clothes.. and the shoes and the bags and being able to play with a massive wardrobe. We’re very lucky.

Marissa- To be honest the clothes. I love clothing (and shoes and accessories and everything else) too much. So my wardrobe is quite full now.

What advice would you give to existing bloggers/people wanting to start blogging?

Bec- Create your own identity. Be true to who you are and embody that in everything you do, that way you will gain loyal followers who are interested in what you do and the pictures you take.

Marissa- Pick a style and stick with it. There is nothing worse than seeing an Instagram feed or blog feed that doesn’t have any common theme or story running through it to make it look cohesive. Do some research into other bloggers styles you like and mould your style around that.

How has working in fashion changed the way you dress?

Bec- It hasn’t much. My style is constantly changing and adapting however the core of my fashion sense is always the same- monochrome! haha

Marissa- It hasn’t really changed what I wear but more how I wear it. I’m a little more experimental in terms of styling pieces and I’m definitely able to utilise my clothing items better than I did before.

How would you describe your personal style?

Bec- Monochrome (where possible) however I do love a good print! Oh and a pop of red lipstick!

Marissa- Ever changing however I generally keep to a simplistic shape and colour palette. Black, white, grey and fun prints are generally what I stay close to. I love the look of wearing something oversized with something very tailored and form-fitting. A little bit of contrast you may say!

What are your top fashion events?

Bec- Anything Fashion Week!

Marissa- Soon to be London Fashion Week in September! Wooo.

What are your top online blogs?

Bec- Snob Fashion Blog and Harper & Harley.

Marissa- I honestly don’t do much consistent reading in terms of blogs. I always love checking out Harper and Harley’s blog. She is an amazing stylist and is so beautiful.

Top menswear designers?

Bec- Ralph Lauren- purely because my boyfriend looks amazing in anything from there!

Marissa- Jack London. A man in a tailored suit ….. wow

Top womens designers?

Bec- Cameo the Label, Dion Lee, Nicholas the Label, Jaggar.

Marissa- All Saints, Jagger the Label, Acne and COS.

When I’m in my hometown I love hanging out at…

Bec- Home (like Marissa). Being comfy on the couch with a good movie & doona! (we’re definitely closet dorks & nannas! haha)

Marissa- Home! Being away makes me miss my bed, haha.

What’s your favorite fashion city?

Bec- I’m not going to toot my own horn but I think Melbourne takes the cake so far.

Marissa- I’ve done a bit of travelling but living in London does make me partial to say London. So, London!

On my iPod right now is…

Bec- Chet Faker, Disclosure and Route 94.

Marissa- A lot of Chris Brown & Trey Songs

In five years I’d like to…

Bec- Married with children! Woo

Marissa- Be married and running Twice Blessed as a successful business!

Finally whats in store for you both and your style in 2014/15

To be completely honest, we’re not even sure! We just roll with the punches and take each day as it comes. Blogging for us is our hobby and we absolutely love it, so we will just adapt with what comes.

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New Fashion Tumblr – Country and Town


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Top Pins This Week……

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New Menswear Brand – North Menswear


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New Mens and Womenswear – Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is a San Francisco brand. There lifestyle is very California. Surfing, motorcycles, pretty girls and handsome dudes.

It’s a brand which you want to buy into.

Below are a selection of images from their look book and blog:


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New Style Inspiration


Black and white photography, cool men, vintage photos, style icons, fashion references and very stylish beautiful models.

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This Weeks Pinterest Pictures

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New Lifestyle Tumblr – Local Milk


Throughout most of my blog research I come across tumblr accounts and blogs documenting the idyllic lifestyle and fashion choices through the photography featuring the great outdoors, rustic scenes and products of the highest quality and materials.

These are always focused at men, up until now I have wanted to live this ‘mans’ lifestyle until I came across the female version today.

Local Milk is full of everything I love in life and try to incorporate into my style. Soft chambrays, cottons, brogues, washed denim, rich thick wools, the countryside, baking, fresh autumnal colours, bretton stripes and a good hat.

Grab a cup of tea and get lost in the browsing for half an hour!

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New Mens Style Bible – TSBMEN

TSBMEN is a men’s style publication based in New York City and Los Angeles. It is run by 4 guys Dan Trepanier Author & Creative Director, Alex Crawford Art Director & Photographer, Westley Dimagiba Production Manager & Photographer and Townsend Smith Brand Ambassador.

The site can give you advice on the latest mens collections, product launches, editorials, tips & guides, street style and behind the scenes of the TSBmen.


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This Weeks Pinterest Pictures

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