Pinterest Pictures Of The Week……..

Sunday is my favourite day for blog researching, browsing Pinterest for style and photography inspiration and overall fashion career development.

Last week was Menswear week and I was focused and truly inspired by smart, tailored and well put together men.

It’s time to dress and act grown up!

Below are some very cool pictures I found today to hopefully get all you like minded people motivated for the week a head.

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My Top Collection From Spring 2015 Menswear

It was a very exciting season but as always Margaret Howell takes the top spot.

She makes humble pieces adapted to a modern environment. This seasons collection was inspired by English dress, you’ll never come across a digital print or a skinny jean in a Howell collection. My personal favorite look from the show was an oversize pinstriped grandad shirt teamed with navy chinos, simply because I love the combination of sharp white, light blue and navy. And that’s the Howell way it will never burn out a season later and she know’s the perfect length and width of the turn up on a trouser.

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Savile Streets


The modern man has definitely up his game in the last decade. There was a time in the early 90′s and late 00′s where being casual and slightly scruffy was almost seen as a badge of honour. Men have completely inverted that now, making more effort with no stigma attached to taking pride in their appearance.

Friday’s blog celebrates this movement in mens style and salutes every guy who considers their appearance at the forefront of one’s self respect and I really hope it is here to stay.

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Tumblr Of Choice To Celebrate Menswear week – Samplr


The new Tiller Hat – Brixton

I’ve collected hats for many years now, recently adding The Tiller and Nora Brixton hats to my ever growing collection. This leads on nicely to today’s blog of choice.

Samplr is particularly inspiring with some very stylish guys wearing some very cool hats.

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Gentry NYC – Menswear Blog


Brooklyn men’s fashion store bringing in a really diverse range of brands ranging from high fashion designers like Junya Watanabe, heritage-inspired lines such as The Real McCoy’s and Red Wing, cult menswear brands like Engineered Garments, Our Legacy, and TS(S), to lauded Japanese labels like Nanamica and Comme des Garcons.

Their lookbook and model selection is really unique and refreshing to see.

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Menswear Week In The UK. I’m Dedicating Each Day To A New Mens Fashion Blog.

Mans guilt is based on today’s mens fashion and timeless style. Men aspire for those little details in life that make a difference, this blog is a collection of photography showing the small details that men need to pay attention to when dressing in a stylish way.

Whether it’s the tone of denim when wearing double denim, the colours put together when layering your clothes, how to layer your clothes, how far a turn up should really go depending on your outfit and hats yes these should be worn as much as possible, a mans essential accessory for life and they look amazing!

When you first browse this blog you will just see a stream of photographs but look into the details of each outfit and you will pick up some very required small changes you can make too clothes to look a sharp modern gentleman.

Below are my choices:

Love this new guy…

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It’s Monday and We All Need a Little Motivation. My New Number One For Menswear Inspiration

Ashley Owens, HVRMINN, and Kevin Wang the Power Houses in World Style right now.

Hvrminn and Kevin Wang have their own Menswear blog this has taken the top spot for me in terms of how every man should dress.

HVRMINN They also have their own ‘Made To Measure’ collection.

Below are a few of my favourite outfits by the gentlemen:

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The Perfect 5am Cuppa – Nothing Is Permanent Tumblr


It’s my job to browse the internet on a daily basis researching the best fashion blogs and tumblr accounts.
As of late it does seem there is a repetition of style images across many blogs thanks to the ‘reblog’ functionality within many of the image sharing platforms. This has made it a little difficult to find anything new and inspiring.

Until now, it’s 5am here in the UK sat with a cup of english breakfast tea and I came across this very enjoyable photography blog. It captures style and fashion through a series of look book and lifestyle photography rather than your generic street style and product focused blog you can find anywhere on the net.

It’s a real pleasure to browse through and very inspiring for any budding fashion photographer.

Below are a choice of my favourite images from the site:

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Style Pinterest Pictures Of The Week………..

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New Fashion Brand Crush – Ouur by Kinfolk Magazine


A mixture of Apparel, publications and home goods. This has my personality written all over it. Margaret Howell might have just been pushed off the top spot for favourite designer.

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the new collections.


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